Love Letters to the Public Transport System

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Love Letters to the Public Transport System  - Event image

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In a fast-moving world where no one stays in one place for long, Love Letters to the Public Transport System seeks to find and thank the people who transport us daily; to friends, to lovers, to work, to moments of significance in our lives.

★★★★★ "this fragile and utterly beautiful piece of work reminds us of the reason we're alive." - The Herald

"a traditional monologue of extraordinary exuberance and power... fabulous mixture of realism and soaring lyricism."
The Scotsman ★★★★

The Liverpudlian Taylor is a wonderful one-woman storyteller, a gregarious young chatterbox with a note of sadness in her voice.
★★★★ "A well crafted web of a story where the strands are relationships which bind us all together and make us who we are." -- Edinburgh Spotlight

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Molly Taylor in Assoc. with Holden Street Theatres

Molly Taylor is a UK based writer and theatre-maker who specialises in creating original performances inspired by the everyday. She blends lyrical yet down-to-earth storytelling to celebrate the relationship between the microcosm - small, personal, idiosyncratic stories – and the macrocosm; the communities we inhabit. Her works is often drawn from research, she aims to create powerful and relatable work about how we live our lives today. Recent projects in the UK include: See Me Now (Young Vic), The Neighbourhood Project (Bush Theatre), And Yet It Moves (Young Vic Taking Part). As a playwright, her work has been performed at The Traverse, Edinburgh, and the Royal Court, London. Internationally her work has been showcased by the British Council in Nigeria and Sri Lanka.

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