Lord of the Zings: A Kiwi Comedy Showcase - Three funny boys dressed as characters from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the picture is in a square.

Lord of the Zings: A Kiwi Comedy Showcase

You shall not pass!... up this opportunity to see some great Kiwi comedy!

The last Lord of the Rings movie came out in 2003 and these NZ comedians are still riding that wave.

They don’t have a single joke about Hobbits, Dragons, or really any opinions on the works of Peter Jackson, they’re just using this as a marketing ploy.

Although, they are travelling all the way to Adelaide so, in a way, their journey is a lot like Frodo and Sam taking the ring to Mordor (we assume, we haven’t actually seen the movies). 

WINNER - 2021 Breakthrough Comedian, NZ Comedy Guild Awards

WINNER - 2021 Best Male Comedian, Cartel Comedy Awards

WINNER - 2022 NZ Raw Comedy Competition

"These are some essential people to know about" Theatreview NZ

Comedy • Stand-up
New Zealand • SA Premiere

Tue, 27 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

55 min

Drama Llama at Rhino Room

$17 to $20

M15+ (3 Warnings)

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