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"An outstanding piece of children's theatre" The Mercury

Last year's Fringe Award Nominee is coming back with this wonderful show full of wacky thingamabobs, naughty puppets and madcap clowning.

With a touch of Wallace and Gromit and Mr. Bean, Loose Ends creates a magical inventor's world full of little wonders and big laughs. A soulful tale about friendship...and all the messy bits that come with it.

Loose Ends is a quirky mix between clown powered theatre, tinker experience and a touching story.

It is a show that is visually bold, non-verbal, touching and always surprising, pushing the themes of inventiveness and connection. Everyday objects get re-invented in this story of a man finally facing his fears.

It is funny, it is sad, and in the end it is uplifting and encouraging.

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Age Suitability: G

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Jens Altheimer

Jens Altheimer is a theatre deviser and performer, specialising in visual theatre for families. He also adventures in arts project around concepts of kinetic installation. Trained at the Lecoq International School of Theatre in Paris, he relocated from Europe to Melbourne in 2009. He is the zealous frontman of his one-man shows, quirkologist, established collector, inventor and transformer of thingamabobs and other wondrous oddities of day to day life.

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