LittleBitts: The Trap Remix

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The Sky Room at The Griffins Hotel

The Griffins, 38 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Frequent, Mild

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Loud raucous fun from some teeny tiny gurls.

LittleBits is the creation of kindergarten friends Lucy Czerwinski and Katie Pierce. Created out of the joy of making people laugh and their affection for the absurd, LittleBitts delivers a unique female comedy duo that puts little bits and pieces of sketches together to create lively and unpredictable performances. Hence their name LittleBitts.

Self-labeled as the worst comedy duo in Brisbane, Little Bitts has toured to Melbourne as part of the Fringe Festival and have performed at many Brisbane events including the Anywhere Festival and Dionysus. With their bags packed and ready to head to Melbourne for their dream come true gig of being in The Melbourne Comedy Festival, Covid19 put an end to those plans.

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