Lindsay Webb "Back Yourself" - Photo of Lindsay webb close up holding a microphone and smiling

Lindsay Webb "Back Yourself"

Lindsay is no longer young (dont tell him)

Lindsay has been doing shows at Adelaide Fringe since 2007

After living a very fortunate and fun life free of injury and illness. That changed raidly. 

From the first moment the writing was on the wll to the very day it was high pressure cleaned away like a bad memeory. 

This is a tail of defeat, the end of hope was near. Then acceptance and recovery 

This is the hilarious (now with hindsight) tale of a persons ability to adapt change and thrive, if only you


Limited shows, will sell fast

★★★★ Herald Sun

★★★★ Time Out

★★★★ Chronicle

Comedy • Stand-up
Queensland • SA Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Fri, 15 Mar

50 min

Ground Floor at The Howling Owl


M15+ (2 Warnings)

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