Life According to Kate - A watercolour painting of two people roughly outlined in black pen. The person on the left has grey hair and is smiling. The person on the right has blonde hair and a light green top.

Life According to Kate

Music • Cabaret
South Australia
Eurovision. Tom Selleck's chest. You're Terrible, Muriel. An exploration and celebration of the work of Kate Miller-Heidke by a group of classically trained musicians who are equally awed by and envious of Australia's fearless, genre-defying, alternative soprano. Expect glass shattering high notes, ear-splitting expletives, and heavenly harmonies.

Presented by: EK + MD

Megan Doherty and Emma Knights have been hanging around like bad smells in Adelaide’s music and theatre scenes for some time now. For reasons unknown they like each other, and have even survived camping and sleeping on a deflating mattress together. It seems that they’ve become stuck with each other, and as one is primarily a singer and the other primarily a pianist, they figured they had better just do shows together and be done with it.