A solo dancer stands on stage illuminated by a single spotlight
a single chair sits on stage looking onto an empty auditorium
2 empty chairs sit on stage in an empty auditorium

Lien: One-to-One

• Storytelling
South Australia • World Premiere

‘Lien’ is a word that means to ‘bind’ or ‘connect’. 

An experiment in humility and grace borne from the social distancing of our recent history: one audience member and one performer meet on an otherwise empty stage. For ten minutes, experience a solitary, never-to-be-repeated, one-on-one exchange with an artist, spontaneously arising from an initial, heartfelt encounter. 

Inspired by the solemn but joyous ritual of the Jewish seder, LIEN is an occasion to relive shared performance as a personal spiritual event. 

Presented by: Lewis Major

Lewis Major is an award-winning regional South Australian choreographer, director and creative entrepreneur with a background in sheep shearing and a foreground in contemporary dance theatre.

This is a one-on-one, solo performance experience. Only ONE audience member will be allowed into each show.