Two fabric tote bags hand printed in Indonesian batik technique with leaf patterns. The fabric colours are yellow, gold and greens. A dye bottle and brushes are lying over the bags.
A blue silk scarf in abstract floral pattern showing the Indonesian batik printing with wax still present on the fabric.

Let's Batik

Welcome to Studio Rags. You're the 1% who would dare to be the Artist instead of a being a Spectator !

Let's Batik to create a beautiful printed tapestry that you'll be proud to show case. We'll use brush painting & Tjanting to create the resist art with hot beeswax. Indonesian batik pieces are highly priced due to their intricacy.

You'll be guided by Rehana to finish your very own batik tapestry. A beginner friendly session for 15+ years. Relax, create & try some Pakistani street food for a gold coin.

Let's Batik was rated  ★★★★★ in the previous Fringe. Come excited or reluctant & leave accomplished with a wow!

"I had been looking forward to participating in this Indonesian Batik Printing workshop ever since I signed up for it, and I loved it! " Hush & Pandemonium on Three D Radio 93.7FM

Please bring 2 plastic bags, apron and your reading glass (optional). Plenty of parking on site.

Workshops & Talks • Visual art

Wed, 28 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

2 hr 40 min to 3 hr

Main Hall at Enfield Community Centre

$60 to $70


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Let's Batik

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Full price $60.00 to $70.00