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Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) based on the poetry of Baudelaire

South Australia • Australian Premiere

Sell-out Avignon Festival OFF.

"Strange encounter of Baudelairian poetry with sacred dance." JYves Bertrand
"Never have I seen the evil in beauty so well expressed"  La Provence

A confession of hopes, dreams, failures and sins, The Flowers of Evil attempts to extract beauty from the malignant.  One must evoke the artificial and paradoxical 
aspects of life.  Beauty can evolve on its own, irrespective of nature and fuelled by sin. The ideal transcends over the harsh reality where all senses are united in ecstasy.

"The dance, music, through its rhythms, mark the meeting of the earthly and the celestical.  It takes us into the regions of inner conflict where good and evil are opposed.
The dancers, both angels and devils, invite us to the ball.  
It is up to us to dance."     Revue Spectacle

Presented by: Shakti & The Garage International

Born in Japan to an Indian father and a Japanese mother Shakti studied dance under her mother and yoga from her father and grew up with the rich cultural heritage of both countries.
She got her M.A. in Indian Philosophy at Columbia University, New York and studied modern dance with Martha Graham while she was there. Upon returning to Japan, she developed a unique hybrid form of dance blending eastern dance traditions and yoga with western contemporary dance resulting in a exotic and erotic effect. Her mesmerising performances have touched and tantalised audiences everywhere. She has performed worldwide to greeat critical acclaim.
She is also the artistic director of The Garage International which is now one of the most prominent venues in Adelaide Fringe and Avignon, France.