Leigh Qurban - The Cheerful Pessimist - Leigh Qurban

Leigh Qurban - The Cheerful Pessimist

Is the glass half empty or half full?...either way you'll have to wash it! 

Life's more fun when you take the piss out of it. Back with another rip snorta of a show, award winning comedian Leigh Qurban is here to make you laugh and un-inspire you. If you think motivational quotes belong in $2 shops and your 'Mantra' is just a hotel chain you stay at...this is the show for you! 

“Leigh kills it” The Advertiser

“….have you laughing off your seat” Rip It Up

“Leigh Qurban is as entertaining as they come.” The Clothesline

★★★★★ "Relatable comedy at its finest" Glam Adelaide 

★★★★     Fest Mag UK 

★★★★     The Advertiser.

Adelaide Comedian of the Year 

Adelaide Comedy Peers Choice Award

One Cover Insurance “One Thing Comedy Competition” Runner up AUS/NZ

Kings of Comedy Comedian of the Year

Comedy • Stand-up
Australia • Australian Premiere

Tue, 12 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

50 min

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room

$20 to $25

M15+ (2 Warnings)

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