Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher

Cabaret • Music
SA Premiere

International artist, Jason Chasland, hits Adelaide Fringe for the South Australian premiere of his delightfully naughty cabaret, Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher. A master of falsetto and stiletto, this daring deviant crosses with religion, fistfights with sexuality and discos with dildos.

Leather Lungs marries savage wit, outrageous innuendo and alien vocal range to drag you screaming with laughter to the ball where devils dance. Be roused into a world of pleasure, amusement and challenge, with an explosion of songs including powerhouse party anthems by The Weather Girls, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner.

Fresh from your boyfriend's bed, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and queers to get to this stage and this son of a preacher has broken his shackles.

Warning: contains traces of nuts, (p)leather, sequins and Dusty Springfield.

“A voice to die for” – Express Magazine “Phenomenon” - GayNZ

"Chasland’s voice is, quite, simply, unparalleled...an incomparable performer" - Theatre Scenes

"Powerful and poignant. The words “must-see” are overused but apply to Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher a thousand-fold" - Express Magazine

"Extraordinary…Leather Lungs is inarguable fun" - Theatre Scenes

Presented by: GEOFFREY BRYAN

Artist, Jason Chasland, has an extraordinary vocal range across 4 octaves, making him a rare phenomenon. He has sung for the Beckhams, and Adele in 2017. Jason has stunned audiences worldwide, performed at the Globe Theatre and shown five seasons of his own critically acclaimed solo show, Impostar, including in Hollywood.

Producer, Geoffrey Bryan, is a lawyer turned creative who’s succumbed to his inner yearning and tossed in the briefcase and steady income for a trunk of splendours and an oily rag! With great pride and enthusiasm Geoffrey takes this leap and teams up with the artistry and effervescence of Jason Chasland. With experience on stage, a creative eye and as an avid patron of the arts, this ex-corporate will never look back, but will of course, forever look at the fine print.