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Law Without Order - Event image

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Do you know how a courtroom works? Well good, because we don't either! We've probably only seen, like, three-fifths of an episode of 'Law and Order' combined. In this totally-realistic courtroom recreation, you'll laugh, cry and probably not participate nearly as much as we'd hoped.

More inaccuracies than you can shake a gavel at, 'Law Without Order' takes a look at what a criminal trial could look like if the law cared about fun. Party games? Yep. Groundless accusations? Yep. Audience plants? Shhhhhh.

Join us for a fun-filled 40 minutes and a bit of semi-improvised, semi-audience-controlled accusations, pseudo-law and general foolishness!

Presented by:
Exploding Kite Productions

Regional SA youth in the big city; Exploding Kite Productions are a group of friends who finally got their sh*t together and agreed to do a production. For the past few years they’ve worked together on small projects for school, but are bringing their debut independent production ‘Law Without Order’ to the Adelaide Fringe!