Laugh With Baby

Comedy / Stand Up
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Babies, toddlers, stressed new parents swilling bottles of wine and some top Fringe comedians... what could possibly go wrong?

It's just like baby cinema but with real live comedians instead of a screen. The perfect afternoon out for new families. We don't care if the wee ones cry, scream, or interrupt the comedian by toddling up onto the stage. If you want to change a nappy or breastfeed then that's fine too.

Adult orientated comedy for adults without babysitters. Only suitable for families with children under 2yrs.

"This audience of new parents loved the gags that ranged from awkward love stories, parenting tales, cultural observations and that no-one cared if a baby toddled on stage or cried." Adelaide Advertiser


Presented by:
Ha Ha Comedy Pub Crawl with Scottish English & Irish Comedy Awards



The Bunka at The Austral Hotel

205 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA, 5000