Late Night Party Boyz Do a Legally Mandated Kids Show - Two boys wearing stripey suits shoot money guns and look surprised

Late Night Party Boyz Do a Legally Mandated Kids Show

Comedy • Absurdist
Victoria • World Premiere

Damien Vosk and Ross Purdy, the Late Night Party Boyz, have messed up.....real bad. For their perceived crimes against art, a judge sentences them to age down their act and to Do A Legally Mandated Kids Show. Through witty and satirical sketch comedy and high energy absurdism, the Party Boyz explore the evolution of entertainment and fight to rejoin the world of adult entertainment.

"For people who like their comedy freaky and too clever for its own good" - Squirrel Comedy

"Art is meant to confront and challenge....I like that" - Tom Bowden from The Advertiser.  


Think Tim and Eric, The Mighty Boosh, Sam Simmons and Rick and Morty different. Damien Vosk & Golden Gibbo Award nominated comedian Ross Purdy,  are set to disrupt everything you know about sketch comedy. 

Presented by: The Improv Pit

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