Frank Woodley & Colin Lane looking worried, bound together with a rope while standing in a barrel


Comedy • Storytelling

Lano and Woodley are bringing Moby Dick to Adelaide.

A night of hilarious adventure with two icons of Australian comedy – not to be missed!

When is an iconic story about a whale, not a story about a whale? When it’s a brilliantly funny Lano and Woodley show of course.

There is no open water required for this live stage show, where Lano attempts a dramatic performance of the epic Moby Dick only for Woodley branded mayhem to ensue!

Together Lano and Woodley have created some of Australia’s most loved comedy shows. Their love/hate relationship has fuelled countless ovations and slews of awards, finding new fans and devoted followers everywhere they go.

One thing is for sure, as Frank and Colin set sail with their new show, they will fill the stage with an hour of sublime, inventive and ridiculous comedy.

Presented by: Token Events