Kuramanunya - Picture of an Aboriginal man wearing a green jacket with hood up and a tan beanie. His hands are held either side of his head near hears moustache. 

Another image of the same mans face has been layered over the body. His face has ochre on it.


• Theatre

My feet walk on land that is red blood soaked. Black burnt, yellow sun drenched country. Stories from thousands of years. Songs eternally kept on the wind and water. 

I honor lines that have been cut. Poisoned, shot and led to the cliff’s edge. Those who passed to the spirit world before their kin could arrive from the dreaming to continue a physical lineage.

Remembering the stories that remain unwritten and unspoken, returned to the earth and stars that they arrived from. Acknowledging that First Nations people are descendants of those who fought for land, family and identity. Not everyone continued to walk this physical world, many returned to the spirit world. 

Kurumanunya honours them. Kurumanunya. The story is told.

Presented by: Karul Projects

Started by Thomas E.S. Kelly and Taree Sansbury in 2017, Karul Projects tells stories of Indigenous knowledge and its relevance and responsibility in modern and future Australia's identity.
Karul is a Yugambeh word which means 'everything' because Karul will be doing everything it can, using whatever it needs to use, to tell whatever story needs to be told, to strengthen and empower the cultural knowledge of this land so future generations of any background can continue to learn and enjoy from Aboriginal Australia's rich heritage.