Kunba - the Family - A boy in a fishing boat feeding the fish in the sea oblivious of a giant crab approaching the boat.

Kunba - the Family

An emotional story of a brave teenager who will do anything for his Kunba (family) depicted in Shadow Puppetry. 

Join young Ali on his dangerous mission to the dark island of death to find his father who went fishing. The unpredictable weather slammed their boat. Only one person was rescued by another boat. The fisherman said he died but Ali's heart says that his father is still alive.

Now, Ali is the only man left in the house to ensure the survival and happiness of his mother and little sister. The chances are bleak but he must face the mighty ocean to save his father. 

The island is dangerous where his father became the prey of the evil monster. He must defeat the merciless monster to go back alive. Keep your eyes peeled and hold your breath on the dark island of death!

Plenty of parking at Woodville Town hall. Plenty of on-street/ roadside parking at Lithuanian House venue. Snacks available for purchase at both venues. Please spread the word, bring your friends & family to support a unique show with great message

Kids and Family • Theatre
Australia • World Premiere

Sun, 25 Feb - Sat, 09 Mar

45 min

Main Hall at Woodville Town Hall (+1 more)

$26 to $32

G (1 Warning)

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This event has had a genre change since the guide went to print.


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