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King Jack Queen

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"Get around pres at Danni's. BYO goon & banter. Kings is a given. Keen up for a night out."
A night of drinks, laughs and Kings cup, King Jack Queen blurs reality with theatre to tell a story of trust and friendship. But when drinks flow & everyone's having fun, when does it go too far? Influenced by real stories, KJQ shows an honest portrayal of an often ignored offence. Getting to know Danni and Jack personally, the audience experience a new perspective of a misrepresented issue. After successful runs in the UK, KJQ takes to the stage (well, apartment) for the first time in Australia.
"This is a most excellent piece of non-conventional theatre"★★★★★ North West End
"A poignant piece of writing that has the capacity to change social perceptions" - Chloe Burns, Liaison Officer, SASS Events

Important information:
Contains scenes of sexual consent.

Presented by:
Baobab Tree Theatre Company

The up and coming Baobab Tree Theatre Company is from Manchester (UK) and is excited to be touring internationally with their current project ‘King Jack Queen’. After the premiere run of ‘King Jack Queen’ in a fringe theatre festival last July, Baobab Tree received their first review with a glowing 5 stars and was nominated for four Greater Manchester Fringe awards.

The company’s ambition is to create true to life performances for their audience to explore different points of view, challenge perceptions & be involved in the story. The theatre company is proud to share their name with the iconic African baobab tree which is known as “the tree of life” due to its vitality and resilience.

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The Market Apartment

Located in the city centre of Adelaide, this cosy first floor apartment is an unlikely performance space. For the first time ever, The Market Apartment is opening its doors to the Adelaide Fringe as a site-specific venue for Baobab Tree's King Jack Queen . Transformed from its usual set up the promenade performance shows you around the space through the eyes of a student. Complimentary drinks will be offered on arrival. Admittance only with pre-purchased King Jack Queen tickets or payment on the door at the specified performance times.

7/140 Gouger St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Danni's Apartment at The Market Apartment

7/140 Gouger St, Adelaide, SA, 5000


Danni's Apartment at The Market Apartment

7/140 Gouger St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content Warnings

Coarse Language: Mild

Sexual References: Mild

Age Suitability: 18+

Nudity Level: Mild

Other Warnings: Strobe Lighting.