K-Pop Dance Revolution - A hot pink to dark yellow gradiant background with a clip art style disco ball and dance floor. A feminine person dressed in dark purple dance clothes and pink hair, stands facing the back with her head forward. the Words read: K-POP DANCE REVOLUTION

K-Pop Dance Revolution

Discover the K-Pop Dance Experience! Each week a new K-Pop group to explore! From beginners to enthusiasts, everyone's welcome! Join us now and groove like your favorite idols! 


Sessions including:

23 Feb: Black Pink

01 Mar: Stray Kids

08 Mar: BTS

15 Mar: Wild Card


Beginner Class (6:15pm Sessions): 

- Learn the basics of K-Pop dance 

- Build confidence on the dance floor 

- Groove to chart-topping K-Pop hits 


Advanced Class (7:30pm Sessions): 

- Challenge yourself with intricate choreography 

- Master iconic moves from your favorite groups 

- Dance to the latest K-Pop hits 


Whether you're a K-Pop rookie or a dance veteran, this is your ticket to becoming a dance sensation! Don't miss out on this epic K-Pop dance experience! 

All participants must wear comfortable clothing for easy movement, wear soft sole shoes (we recommend sneakers!) and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!

Events • Dance
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Fri, 15 Mar

60 min


$20 to $25


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