K-pop Boy Band KOKOON

Music • Comedy
South Korea • Australian Premiere

K-pop meets Comedy! Sold Out Smash Hit in Korea and Japan!

For the first time in down under comes the incredible Boy band KOKOON, Asia's most acclaimed K-pop band with the repertoire of their 1st and 2nd album and BTS, BLACKPINK, PSY cover dances with audiences.

This South Korean Boy Band Formed in 2018 became a sensation on stages in Korea and Japan. After debuting with the Korea TV program "Comedy Big League," we released our 1st album, "What?!!" the Christmas music digital single and the 2nd album, "Kitty(nyaongy)".

After huge success in Korea and Japan, we’re here in down under to Sing, Dance, Rap, Comedy and more.

Presented by: KOKOON – Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd

KOKOON, a new kind of comedy idol that was born when comedy and idols met! It is a performance with lots of fun and entertainment.

(2018. ~ today) appearance [Yunhyeongbin theater] Performance
(2018.07) Comedy TV Show [Comedy Big League]
(2018.08.09) [Comedy Week in Hongdae] Opening Ceremony
(2018.10.28) [Busan Comedy Festival] The closing ceremony
(2019.03.24) appearance [KOKOON’s first concert]
(2019.08.24~25) [Busan Comedy Festival] Participation
(2019. ~ 2020) Japan [Showbox] Concert
(2020.01.24) Fuji TV [Netapare] Three appearances
(2020) Japanese TV talk show [a procession of law firms]
(2020.02.14) KBS music show [Music Bank]
(2020.02.15) MBC music show [Show Music Core]
(2020.02.18) SBS M music show [THE SHOW]