Justice & Trainwreck Change History

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Dwayne Justice and Jake Trainwreck are queer cowboys. The only thing greater than their love of historical reenactments is their love for each other. These clowns of sketch and storytelling unknowingly trespass on the sanctity of historical events with all the glee of a puppy with a teddybear.

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Sonya Doyle and Marian Landers (SaM) sing “front line” harmonies. Sonya is a well-known soprano in Sydney’s northern suburbs, has wide experience in movies, television and on stage and in recent years has concentrated on her singing. Marian is also well known in the north of Sydney. As the single mother of 7 daughters, singing is her sanity. Her strong alto voice makes people turn in their seats. Dennis Harris (piano) was born in Gumeracha, raised in Chain of Ponds, played in pubs and clubs in Adelaide as a youth, a jazz group in south east NSW and in several countries. With a friend, he recently formed a jazz club in Sydney which led to SaM. John Gunn (percussion) also plays guitar and adds additional harmonies. John and Dennis played in together in groups in the 1970s and have maintained their keen love for jazz.


The Cranny at The Producers

235 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5000