Just One Big Kid - Mickster with his fun house

Just One Big Kid

Introducing Mickster the Trickster, a magician by trade but a kid at heart! Join the hilarity and giggles in his new stand-up children's comedy show, "Just One Big Kid."

Mickster's had enough of adulting and is seeking your kids' wise advice on staying forever young. Brace yourselves for an interactive ride filled with zany props, quirky tales, playful pranks, and delightful tricks; all while bringing out the children’s perspectives on various topics.

DISCLAIMER: Mickster might spark ingenious trouble-escaping strategies in your youngsters, but he promises it may lead to unexpected chore assistance! A show tailored for kids, with a generous dose of amusement for the grown-ups too.

Kids and Family • Comedy
South Australia

Sat, 02 Mar - Sun, 03 Mar

50 min to 55 min

Theatre Two at The Parks Theatres


G (2 Warnings)

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