A white skinned woman with long curly red hair wears a green flowing dress and turns to beckon the onlooker with her hand outstretched. She is in a dark grey cave.
On a black background, a white woman with long red curly hair is seen from the waist up in profile. She is holding a glowing antique glass lamp and wearing a flowing green robe, black key necklace and yellow pansy flower in her hair. She is looking at the viewer.
in a large grey arching cave entrance, a white woman in a flowing greek style green dress holds her arms out to the sides and tilts her face up to the sky

Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos

Events • Storytelling
United States • Australian Premiere

Do you remember where Sleep is, Dear Ones? Mnemosyne invites you to the court of that Greek god-creature, Slumber. But beware, in this Underworld the River of Oblivion is spilling over her shores and threatens the Waking.

Empowering you to wind your way through the places of remembering & forgetting while they battle, you will discover the vast environs of collective unconsciousness... all whilst the outside environment restricts where our physical forms may go.

*This live listening immersive audio experience requires guests to wear headphones.*

Hailed by No Proscenium as "sensuously realized" 

From the creator of The Marvelous Mechanical Maiden gaining 4.5 Stars in The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe 2020 “The Maiden is a true storyteller with a helluva voice…” - The Advertiser


Presented by: Spectacle & Mirth

I am a singer storyteller creating immersive theatrical experiences around the globe for audiences both immense and intimate.
A creative producer & performer from the mid Atlantic region of the US, I'm the founder of the Spectacle & Mirth production haus. I've built immersive projects like the internationally award winning solo touring cabaret The Marvelous Mechanical Music Maiden, Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos, The GlamourHobo Field Notes storytelling podcast, and regional arts festival Richmond Fringe. Currently, I am the Head Curator & General Manager at Révéler Experiences, a first of its kind, hands-on immersive theatrical event space.
An overly complicated Venn Diagram of adjacent identities, I tour the world, tell stories, smash class structures & wear grand hats. #glamourhobo