Jon with butterfly wings appearing from behind them. They are in front of a dark grey background.
Jon holding up butterfly wings. They are in front of a yellow background.
Jon wraps themselves in butterfly wings. They are in front of a yellow background.

Jon Walpole: Butterfly

"Man was not meant to fly, but butterflies were." - Joe Biden

Jon Walpole dared to ask if he could surgically alter himself to become an actual man-sized butterfly. After six long months of elective surgeries that put a strain on an already underfunded public health system, he got his answer: no, your organs will fail.
After being declared legally dead for 9 minutes, a medical miracle saw Jon spring back to life. He promptly scrapped the idea and decided to become a metaphorical butterfly instead. This show is about that.
Fresh from training at the famous French clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Jon Walpole returns to Australia with his newest and most daring show yet. ‘Butterfly’ is a combination of sketch, clown, improvised audience interaction and musical comedy.
★★★★★ "One of Australia's most promising comedians" Subculture
★★★★ "Infectious energy" Lilithia Reviews
★★★★ "A runaway train of jokes, characters, and comic tirades" Theatre People
★★★★ "The man of a thousand faces" Tay Around Town
"The whole room becomes a playground" Squirrel Comedy
“Unique, innovative and clever comedy” Weekend Notes
Created, written and performed by Jon Walpole
Directed by James McLennan

Comedy • Clown
Victoria • World Premiere

Mon, 04 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

50 min

Basement at Secret Basement @ WEA

$25 to $28

M (1 Warning)

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