Jon Brooks: Selfies From Chernobyl

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1 Venue

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room

131 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content warnings


Coarse Language:

Occasional, Strong

Depicts Violence:

Occasional, Strong

Sexual References:

Occasional, Strong

Please note:

The show will possibly discuss a range of issues that people consider triggering. This is not to be deliberately provocative - everything in the show has a purpose and is part of a broader commentary on the nature of fame, but this show will explore adult topics and does not contain trigger or content warnings during the performance.

Scaled jon brooks fringe 17 1 12 0004

About this event

What is the price of lies? Dunno, $14 a kilo? Selfies from Chernobyl is a brand new hour of irreverent comedy from one of Australia's most distinctive comedy voices. Multiple award winner and host of the Swear Jar Podcast Jon Brooks has languished in obscurity on ABC Radio and wrote for TV shows that were cancelled long ago. You've probably never heard of him. Now's your chance.

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