Friendlyjordies presents - Why John Howard REALLY sucked

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Let me explain why the libs suck at managing the economy. I just need an hour of your time…and your money…


When pollsters ask the public, "who was the best Prime Minister?" John Howard wins that title. The only thing that man should win is "man who looks most like a depressed coconut". He was most certainly not, this show explores why - and no it's not a university lecture it's a stand up show, stop asking! 


“Jordan Shanks is a satirist comedian, live radio host and podcast creator. He has produced over 250 no-holds-barred videos for his YouTube channel, has 430 000 followers on social media and his videos have been viewed over 86 million times.


Jordan hopes he will foster some sort of interest in socio-political discourse, maybe even stir positive change, but most people keep asking him to dress up as a high school kid he once knew. Sometimes he complies”.


“Jordan’s videos pack a brutal punch. This in-your-face, hard to ignore edge is what makes his fans laugh and his detractors fume” Vagabond Journey.


“Jordan Shanks is one of those people you have to describe as no stranger to controversy" Pop Culture-Y.


“Slightly amusing” Dr Jordan B Peterson.


"Show sucked, no Yilmaz" Random guy in the second row.

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Jordan Shanks

I tell people how to vote and how to live their lives yet have no authority to do so

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