Jace sticks his head out of a car window, whilst Jez sits in front of the car with a box of beers drinking.
Jez and Jace squat in front of two cars with their headlights on at night
Jez and Jace look at eachother like they are enjoying a joke!

Jez & Jace: Lads on Tour

Toxic masculinity has never looked this hot. These lads need one more night on the town before a major life event potentially takes them opposite ways. Will it make or break them?

Jez & Jace is an improvised comedy from the hilarious duo Ginge & Minge. Join them as they figure out what does it really means to love your bro? What happens when you put bros before hoes? And, more importantly, where is the best place to get sh*t-faced in this city?

After two years of touring in NZ, performers Ginge & Minge (Nina Hogg and Megan Connolly) bring their signature brand of high-energy chaos, dumb jokes, and physical comedy to Adelaide.

Jez & Jace are a homage to their bogan brothers, and an exploration of their experiences growing up queer in rural Australia and Aotearoa.

Comedy • Improv
New Zealand • Australian Premiere

Tue, 05 Mar - Sat, 09 Mar

50 min

The Squeaker (open-air) at Gluttony - Rymill Park

$25 to $30

M15+ (3 Warnings)

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