Jesstar is a lady wearing a top hat and a red jacket with a yellow dragon puppet on her hand.
The small and large caterpillars are enjoying the forest whilst eating and going exercises.
Jesstar the lady is with the yellow Dragon puppet who is trying to send the galactic creature back to where it came from.

Jesstar Puppet Show

Travel through space and time around the world on an expedition with Jesstar the puppeteer and her puppets. The puppets are on a race set by the King and Merlin the Wizard to find the fastest and most gallant puppet from around the world—with contestants from Mexico, Italy, Australia, China, Ireland and America, competing to win a gold nugget. Along the way, one of the puppets comes to realise that friendship is more important than winning.

Viewers will be dazzled and amazed by the world of puppetry and the performer's unique talent filling the audience with laughter, joy, amazement, and adventure all the way. 

Accessibility Warning: Audience members who experience audio sensitivity should note that this show does have some loud noises.

Kids and Family • Puppetry
South Australia

Sun, 25 Feb - Thu, 07 Mar

50 min

Function Room at INC Cafe (+2 more)

$20 to $25


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