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Scaled jamie mykaela napoleon complex

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Scaled jamie mykaela napoleon complex

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Jamie Mykaela is an award nominated, comedy-cabaret firecracker. Witness her over-inflated ego & hard-earned imposter syndrome colliding in a hot mess of costume changes, ukulele strings, songs, stories & ping pong! Feast on the overcompensations of a 4'9" idiot with a 5'3" personality and a 6'7" headpiece. When not wreaking twee havoc in venues from Sydney to Edinburgh, she's opened for cabaret glitterati such as Amanda Palmer, Aurelio Voltaire & Tomas Ford.

"Quirky, hilarious" The Advertiser
"Highlights included Jamie Mykaela's sweetly tart ukelele interlude" The West Australian
"Possesses a killer set of pipes & a natural stage presence" Fringefeed
★★★★½ "She brings whimsical glee" Fourth Wall
★★★★½ "Magical and catchy" Weekend Notes
★★★★ "Adorable, manic" The Adelaidian

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