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Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum stand on a stage side by side under two individual spotlights. Portrayed in black and white, the duo are both singing with a lot of emotion. Tom is standing behind a table with looping and sampling equipment on it, Jamie is playing an electric guitar.
Jamie Macdowell and Tom Thum stand side by side, Jamie is wearing a longsleeve oversized white top and looking at the ground, Tom is wearing a black hoodie and looking at the viewer with a pleasant, but distant expression. There are light flares surrounding the framing of their figures.

Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum

Beatbox sensation, Tom Thum – best known for the most watched TEDx talk of all time: Beatbox Brilliance – joins forces with bohemian singer-songwriter Jamie MacDowell to create original, genre-defying music that is "redefining musical parameters" (Nouse). 

Armed only with a guitar, and a versatile voicebox able to convey any instrument, this duo eschew cynicism, exude joy, and defy expectations.

★★★★★ "Spellbinding talent and intoxicating onstage presence" Clique Mag ★★★★★ RIP IT UP ★★★★★ BROADWAY BABY ★★★★★ FRITZ MAGAZINE

WINNER: Best Music Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 2019

NOMINEE: Best Music, Adelaide Fringe 2017

WINNER: John Chataway Innovation Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 2017

WINNER: Best Music, Adelaide Fringe 2016

WINNER: Best Music, Brighton Fringe 2014

Music • Contemporary

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

60 min

Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

$30 to $45

PG (2 Warnings)

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