James Donald Forbes McCann - Deplorable

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 Good comedians get 4, maybe 5 star reviews. My shows, they get 6, even 7 stars. Reviewers have to make up new scores just to begin to describe my big, beautiful show. It's me doing stand up and, believe me, it's absolutely fantastic. I've met the other guys on this page, nice guys, but their shows aren't nearly as huge and professional as mine.



"Delightfully politically incorrect" The Advertiser

"This was wacky, shouty comedy at its best; a high energy performance with a hint of danger." Squirrel Comedy

"Brimming with ideas" The Music

"Nowhere in this garbled, under-prepared and ill thought-through offering is there anything to give you confidence that this is a man who has the first clue about what he is doing." Chortle

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James McCann

James Donald Forbes McCann has written for The Australian, The Spectator, Junkee, Pedestrian.tv, ZOO Magazine, Vice, Splitsider, Quadrant, and many others. He's an internationally beloved stand up comedian, and has won several awards for both his one man shows and his grotesque cult musicals.

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