Comedian Jodie Sloan sitting on ground in dress leaning against ukulele smiling at camera.
Comedian Jodie Sloan smiling at crowd while performing standup comedy into a mic.
Comedian Jodie Sloan performing comedy in front of a crowd playing ukulele comedy.

Is She Hot?

In March of 2023, TikTok sent a notification to millions of users displaying a picture of ukelele comedian Jodie Sloan’s face, and the words, “Is she hot?” after her comedic song on situational hotness took off online.

Though no stranger to internet virality (she has 115+ million views across her socials) even Jodie was surprised by the swarm of strangers suddenly in her comment section deciding if she was hot.

Keen to prove any publicity is good publicity, Jodie Sloan is thrilled to be performing her much-anticipated debut solo show after being interviewed on Triple J’s The Hook Up multiple times and gigging across Australia and North America.

And yes, she’ll address the hilarious aftermath of the world’s largest-ever game of hot or not, in which she was the unintentional main character.

Comedy • Music
Canada • World Premiere

Mon, 26 Feb - Sun, 10 Mar

50 min

The Majestic

$25 to $28

M15+ (3 Warnings)

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