Innuendo Everywhere: Becky Blake and Steve Davis do it

Scaled innuendo everywhere print

1 Venue

The Coleridge Room at The Duke of Brunswick

207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA, Australia

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Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

Sexual References:

Occasional, Mild

Please note:

This show will be cheeky not filthy

Scaled innuendo everywhere print

About this event

When Becky's fingers work their magic and Steve's tongue finds centre stage, we know each audience member will be glad they came for this fascinating celebration of innuendo. From cheeky Dinah Washington to naughty Enid Blyton, Becky will tinkle her keys and Steve will flaunt his shtick in earnest until your fancies have been tickled. Let's do it!

Previous reviews of Becky and Steve:

"What's mesmerising is her command of the keys. Her eyes constantly roam the room as she engages beautifully with her audience. The lady can sing, act and play." Kate Battersby,

"Steve Davis is now the great Playschool method actor; it must be seen to be believed. Similarly his Mr. Squiggle. Oh, my. It is rib-ache funny. Desperately, wickedly, absurdly funny." Samela Harris, Barefoot Review

Presented by:
The Adelaide Show Podcast

Becky Blake: You will probably recognise Becky Blake as Miss Candy Bar from Australia’s greatest show band Chunky Custard, entertaining audiences internationally for more than 25 years. Becky is also known as the Piano Chick, performing her own cabaret shows to rave reviews at the Adelaide Fringe and Cabaret Fringe Festivals winning an award for Best Cabaret for Fringe 2017.
Steve Davis: Steve is the voice behind The Adelaide Show Podcast, the man behind Talked About Marketing, and the comedian who was part of last year's surprise hit, 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof. He is a sought after speaker, workshop facilitator and MC.
Together, Becky and Steve will combine musical and comedy talents to create a special show that is destined to tour the English-speaking world.