Inner worlds & hidden things - An abstract painting/drawing with bright colours mainly consisting of green, red, black and blue with a central series of bold white brushstrokes.

Inner worlds & hidden things

Visual Artist Wen Dixon-Whiley's latest exhibition repurposes 'upcycled' items to create a visual universe of the small, overlooked and microscopic. Armed with a microscope and an overactive imagination, Dixon-Whiley has been exploring the limits of drawing and painting on discarded materials.

The formerly abandoned ‘canvases’ will explode with colour and be layered with other recycled materials to reveal the worlds & creatures hidden from the naked eye. Unconstrained by the limits of traditional surfaces and supports, the 'canvases' will be cut, stitched together, lengthened, reconfigured and more. Part reality, mostly imagination - a world in which the viewer is free to draw their own conclusions and imagine the possibilities of what lies beyond our field of vision.

Visual Arts and Design • Visual art
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

Open 10am-5pm

Gallery 1 at Hahndorf Academy

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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