The figure of Anne Millar dressed in a red Peignoir and gesturing in a 1930's pose. There is a faint image of the Eiffel Tower in the background and the whole image is encased in an Art Deco border
She has lost yet another love and resorted to drinking,  yet at this moment she's sobered up and is chatting to the audience, asking what's wrong with her and why can't she keep a man.
The character believes she has finally found true love and   that the man who gave he er her first cigarette will also teach her how to become a real woman

Illusions - a French Cabaret

From Follie and Faux pas, denial and finally, redemption, we are transported to the vibrant Cabaret era of 1930's Paris. In this onewoman show, 'ILLUSIONS-a French Cabaret', written and performed by Chanteuse, Anne Millar with Vincent Cologiuri on piano, "Millar weaves the tale through superlative acting and her sublime mezzo soprano voice.. she knows how to inhabit a character so that you in the audience forget.. and are there with her" (Bruce Mutard - Fringe Feed)

Through the lost songs of original 20' and 30's Parisien Cabaret Divas; and icons Piaf, Dietrich and Eartha Kitt, we evoke the unique visual and musical intensity of the era., where with wicked, dark humour and raw, cruel anguish, she moves through the pain of self-delusion, out of the dark, into mastery of self, life and love.

Cabaret • Musical theatre
Western Australia • SA Premiere

Sun, 10 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Star Theatre Two at Star Theatres

$40 to $50

M (3 Warnings)

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