ICOSA 20 - Installation

Scaled icosa

1 Venue

Flour Shed

9A Mundy St, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015

Enter from Mundy Street.

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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
  • 2020 Weekly Award Winner
Scaled icosa

About this event

Sacred Resonance presents in collaboration with SuperNature Productions:

ICOSA 20 - Installation

A multimedia warehouse installation using data sonification and digital projection. It features sacred geometry and an icosahedron in particular; a geometric structure that symbolises water. Ancient cultures saw these forms in nature as reflections (and the symmetry) of the greater heavenly realms. Free daily.

Presented in the in historic Port Adelaide, Harts Mill, Flour Shed.


Sacred Resonance: Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt

SuperNature Productions: Kenneth Scott & Bradley Pitt

InSearchoftheDivine: Jessica Curtis


Exhibition Opening Friday February 28th at 7pm.

Presented by:
Sacred Resonance

Set up by Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt, through visionary thinking and higher experience of the Divine incorporating music, visual form and the sacred arts. Sacred Resonance - is a business that works with top musician's, researchers and spiritual thinkers of this current age.

Their work involves the latest discoveries in musicology, archeoacoustics, brain-body entrainment with the consciousness sciences, for a fresh experience of colour, vision and music being unified.

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