I'm A Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here! - Three people with surprised expressions stand diangonally in front of each other. They are all wearing matching dark blue tops with white polka dots. The teal background is a block colour, almost as if these people live in a two dimensional world.

I'm A Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here!

• Physical Theatre
Victoria • World Premiere

DID YOU KNOW that there has never been more or less water on Planet Earth?? Where has this water been? What has it seen? Join Rocio, Reef and Millie the Raindrops on the immersive adventure of a billion-year-lifetime! Families will be taken up Mt. Everest, walking with the Dinosaurs, and discovering the effects of climate change throughout time. As a community, we come together in a call to action; because the Climate Emergency is here, real, and urgent

★★★★★ "Fantastic show and brought up some very important conversations afterwards" Parent

★★★★★ "I LOVED the Dinosaurs!" Ollie, 7.




Presented by: SpudPuppy Productions

Formed in 2021, SpudPuppy Productions is: Tessa Luminati, Stephanie Beza, Patrick Hill, Matt Cavagnino and Nicola Pohl. They endeavour to create theatre to entertain, educate, and enlighten kids and grown-ups alike, by encouraging audiences to work together as a team to create a positive impact for the future!