A ghost like figure made of bed sheets and pillows stands centre whilst drooping. Green hand drawn stars surrond the figure.
A slug creature made of bedsheets with two socks for eyes with hand drawn pale green stars surrounding the image.
A black background with warped pale green typewrighter text that read 'i know the end'.

i know the end

• Immersive
South Australia • Australian Premiere

'i know the end' is a queer coming-of-age story, encapsulating connection and intimacy through the lens of those that are raised alien to it. In this intimate, immersive dance theatre work, dancers Caroline De Wan and Fern Mines guide audiences through a mercurial world, discovering unknown entities and piecing together figments of a lost relationship. Choreographed and composed by Alix Kuijpers and featuring an SA-based emerging cast, this visceral and incandescent Australian debut will become his first major work since receiving First Class Honours in Dance for his work IMMATERIAL. 'i know the end' has been supported in development by Australian Dance Theatre, The Tanja Liedtke Foundation, Carclew and Dance Hub SA. 

"IMMATERIAL is impressive in it's scope. A strong development for an initial postgraduate project presented with great
charisma, performance presence and technical artistry across art forms."- Flinders University

Presented by: Alix Kuijpers

Alix Kuijpers is an emerging contemporary dancer, choreographer, drag artist, sound designer and recent graduate from Adelaide College of the Arts. Alix completed work on his major creative project ‘Immaterial’ in 2021 as a part of Flinders University's Creative Arts Honours Program, becoming the first Honours student for Dance at Flinders University and graduating with and Honours First Class. Since graduating, Alix has participated in projects like X and National Choreographers Project by DancehubSA, NEW WORLD COMING by the CRAM Collective and Art Lives Here by Carclew as both a performer, choreographer, drag artist and composer. Alix is passionate about championing emerging artists in Adelaide.

'i know the end' features optional consentual interaction and includes sensory elements such as touch, smell, light manipulation and unconventional seating. Chairs are available on request. To opt out of interaction, please see staff before the show.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Immerse yourself into an ethereal and entrancing world that appears in your mind when the lights go out at night... - Ekkia Evans, The Adelaide Show

  • The immersive quality of the work is a bold step yet manages to ‘safely’ and sweetly invite the audience into experiential mode. - Lisa Lanzi, Stage Whispers