I get it, you moved to Melbourne

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2 Venues

The Chapel at Migration Museum

82 Kintore Ave, Adelaide, SA, 5000

The Tunnels at The Lion

161 Melbourne St, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

Entrance to the hotel carpark is on Jerninham St.

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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
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About this event

In the 1850s, Adelaide endured its first mass exodus when thousands rushed to Victoria for gold. Today, this brain-drain continues as many pursue professional prosperity interstate. In a pop-up social museum, Adelaide-bred, Melbourne-fled curator Tahney satirize tensions triggering city abandonment.

What’s so good about Melbourne, anyway? The museum tells semi-fictional stories of ex-Adelaidians (with a focus on arts workers); visual art, oral histories and archival research details the hope and ego behind their Melbourne migration. A caricatured account on the animosity between the two cities (is the grass greener on the other side? probably – maybe), its undertones scrutinise the social and economic forces behind ambitious people leaving their home city and never looking back.

Featuring John Firth, Angus Hamra, Jenny Allnut, Grace Harper, Julia Derwas, Chelsea Birrane, Alexandra Dobson, Amalia Krueger, Will Preece and Abbey Whitcombe. 

With special thanks to Jeffrey Firth, University of Melbourne Archives, State Library of South Australia and National Library of Australia.

The exhibition will be officially opened at the Chapel on Saturday 29 February with drinks and nibbles provided. All welcome.

Presented by:
Tahney Fosdike

Tahney Fosdike is an arts writer and curator interested in threads of advocacy and anthropology in the arts. After being active in the Melbourne arts scene for several years, this Adelaide Fringe exhibition is her curatorial debut back in her home city.

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