Hyperaurea: Equinox - abstract image of light and dark evoking Antarctica

Hyperaurea: Equinox

Hyperaurea: Equinox charts a course through Antarctica, the last frontier on Earth, as experienced by Sean Williams, Arts Fellowship expeditioner to Casey station in 2017, and palaeontologist Professor John Long. Ambient music (Williams) and hypnotic visuals (Katie Cavanagh and Shane Bevin) combine in two unique presentations: an intimate, fully-immersive ambisonic experience, and an open-air iteration in the natural amphitheatre of Flinders University’s Bedford Park campus. Hyperaurea evokes slow seasonal change in a land where there are no trees or flowers, using subtle inversions and reversals in pitch, tone and rhythm to capture the essence of life on an outpost surrounded by vast tracks of nature rarely seen by human eyes.  

Music • Multimedia
South Australia

Wed, 13 Mar

4 hr

The Plaza at Flinders University Bedford Park Campus

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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