Han is wearing a white tee with a brown corduroy over shirt. Their chin is resting between their thumb and forefinger, slightly squishing their cheeks - they have a relaxed expression. A navy blue background is behind them.
A live shot - Han is on stage with a microphone held up just under their chin, looking to the right of frame and smiling
A live shot - Han is on stage with a microphone, peering into the audience, shielding the light from their eyes with their hand

How to Shave

Twenty-five-year-old transmasculine comedian and teenage boy Han Arbuthnott has been on testosterone for three years (puberty part twoberty, if you will), had an elective double mastectomy, and is quite fond of telling jokes about it all.

A rising star and charming heartthrob with a silly, honest style, Han is bringing 'How to Shave' to Adelaide after a highly successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut. They also recently opened for Hannah Gadsby which was both an incredible dream and a very sweaty reality.

Please note: Not literally a step-by-step guide to hair removal, but a celebration of trans joy, our bodies and the beautiful, silly and truly quite gross things they do for us.

★★★★★ "reaching heights that most debuts rarely do." Artshub 

Comedy • Stand-up
Victoria • SA Premiere

Mon, 11 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

55 min

The Majestic

$25 to $32

M (2 Warnings)

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