How To Drink Wine Like A Wanker

How To Drink Wine Like A Wanker - Event image

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How To Drink Wine Like A Wanker - Event image

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The wine wanker. We've all encountered their insufferable diatribe of irrelevant adjectives. We endure it because we have no f-ing idea what they are talking about. But what if there was a cheat sheet to dissect the verbal defecation? A little rudimentary knowledge to accompany your game face and voila, in one hour you can be a wine wanker too!

Presented by:
Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas has had a long love affair with the theatre and the Fringe. Whether as a performer, artist host or volunteer in the theatre, Thomas makes sure she is a part of each and every Adelaide Fringe! Having recently taken a rather bold/terrifying professional leap from being a massive corporate sellout to venue owner, Thomas is thrilled to not only be presenting her first Fringe show, but managing her first registered Fringe Venue.

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