Hot Hollywood Nights - Blonde woman in red form fitting dress and red feather boa looking seductively at the camera. She looks like a Hollywood movie star.

Hot Hollywood Nights

If your night is boring and you tire, perhaps some spice you require? Banish the bland, Hot Sauce is at hand and now your loins are on fire! After selling out every show since 2019, Hot Sauce Burlesque is back - saucier than ever. 

Dazzling leading ladies, vintage vixens, seedy club owners, beach lovers and all those that chase the spotlight! Hot Sauce Burlesque School invites you to celebrate all that is LA in this trip down the Hollywood walk of fame. Cinephiles and sinners alike - this show boast acts and routines constructed and coordinated by Adelaide's best in the biz.

The show runs for three hours with two intervals.

Cabaret • Burlesque
South Australia • Australian Premiere

Thu, 14 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

3 hr

Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios

$29 to $39

R18+ (5 Warnings)

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