Theatre and Physical Theatre
International • World Premiere

"Should I have said yes? I just don't want to be proposed to when he is balls deep inside of me"...

'Horrendous' is a funny, naughty, occasionally sexy, sometimes honest, and all too revealing look at the life of someone trying to keep it all together. With a boyfriend he no longer loves, a best friend he is fed up with, a mother who lives on the other side of the world, and a father who- well, let's not go there. Oh, and of course, loss... loss of a job that is. In this one-person show we see how truly hilarious and horrendous life is for this twenty-something.

Presented by: Harry Tobias

Harry Tobias is an Adelaide-born theatremaker with a love for the funny and often awkward quirks and idiosyncrasies of life.

His acerbic tongue bleeds through on to the page and the stage creating painfully funny sucker-punch moments.

Receiving five-star reviews at age seventeen Harry has always continued his love and passion for theatre-making. He currently lives in Manchester, England.