5 teenagers positioned on a bench wearing cream pants and dark green tops with a black background. 1 teenagers is holding a unicycle and another is in a handstand.
Teenagers in handstand
Group of teenagers holding each other up with 1 looking upside down in a back bend

Hey Stranger...

Hey Stranger... is a self-devised abstract story of how 5 individuals start as strangers and end as friends through their shared love of circus. This unique art form they all share a passion for is the glue which holds their friendship together, and in turn has allowed them to find their own personality not only as circus performers but as people too. Trust, connection and growth are the 3 main themes Hey Stranger… aims to portray through movement and circus as a way to celebrate their final performance together as a team.

Circus • Acrobatics
South Australia • SA Premiere

Sun, 03 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

55 min

Theatre One at The Parks Theatres (+1 more)

$10 to $15


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