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Her Story - of the blues

Returning the spotlight to the point of origin, Mary Trees presents a collection of old-time classics — music of the trailblazing women who pioneered the blues.

Enraged by erasure and colonial continuity, this lone-range warrior traverses the songs on a mission to restore recognition. Sharing the troubles, triumphs, and the legacy of these long-forgotten legends - Ma Rainey, Memphis Minnie, Bessie, Gladys, Rosetta and more.

From the Mississippi Delta to the clubs of Harlem; songs, stories and emotions are channelled, delivering an authentic, refreshing homage whilst revealing the genesis of rock music, in the early blues women.

Prepare for toe-tapping, hip-slapping, a humming & a singing along. 

This one-woman show features Mary Trees on all instruments.

Not to be missed!

Music • Blues
South Australia

Sun, 25 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

The Jade (+2 more)

$15 to $32

PG (1 Warning)

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