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The Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Rundle Park / Kadlitpina, Cnr East Tce & Rundle Rd, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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In 2020 the world stopped spinning. The sh*t hit the fan and there was no toilet paper to clean it up.
And we were all sent to our rooms.

Me? I'd been in physical lockdown, sexually that is, for most of my life. Then I got married and made up for lost time. I don't wanna brag, but in 2020 my hot husband Shane Bradley Cooper and I clocked up a lot of 'Rooting Frequent Flyer' points. Hello? I went from Bronze to Platinum in nine months.

But thank God we're all finally out. Out of the house. Out of the pantry. Out of the fridge.
Seriously it was so bad I thought about writing a COVID memoir called 'Eat, Pray, Eat.'

Right now we need a good laugh more than anything.

Come and see my new stage show, 'Better Out, Than In.'
And let me lift youse up where youse belong!

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Banajig Pty Ltd


I was born Upmyself and hot.
This Logie Award winning former hairdresser has been called a lot of things. Yes, I’ve been called a pioneer, a legend, a megastar, a cultural icon as well as a frigid, self-centred, paranoid, ball busting, b*tch.
What have I done? What are youse joking?

'Wogs Out Of Work' – Phenomenal Theatre Show
'Acropolis Now' – TV – 5 Hilarious Seasons
'Waiting for Effie' – Critically acclaimed One Woman Stage Show.
‘Effie’s Guide To Being Up Yourself’- The book that helped your self esteems
'Greeks On The Roof'. TV – Stunning.
‘A Date With Effie’ – Youse wish
‘Effie The Virgin Bride’ - Epic one-woman stage show
‘Effie in Love Me Tinder’ – Youse swiped right!

Legend I hear youse say. Der Fred, I say.

Seen the show? What did you think?

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