Haza - A frame from an oil on glass animation depicting an elderly woman gazing skyward


• Installation
South Australia • World Premiere

Kate Kurucz's brand new immersive installation sensitively unpacks her family's experience of migration, dislocation and adaptation through paint on glass animation. This new creative leap is the result of an intensive Catapult mentorship with Netherlands-based artist Tess Martin and has allowed Kate to translate her sophisticated oil painting techniques into resonant moving image work. Drawing on family memories, the installation of this exhibition evokes the drive-in cinema and takes its title from the Hungarian word for 'home'. This exhibition is not to be missed!

Presented by: Adelaide Central Gallery

Adelaide Central Gallery is attached to Adelaide Central School of Art, South Australia's best art school for five years running.

Kate Kurucz is a South Australian artist grounded by a continuing interrogation of the potential and limitations of oil painting. Kurucz’s work uses narrative frameworks to explore the relationship between absurdity and the sublime, drawing on research into subjects that include digital communities, doomed expeditions, alien communication and Western films. Humour and extremity are common threads within her practice and her current work is driven by an interest in loneliness and connection.