A photo of two women wearing black long sleeved t-shirts. The woman on the left has short blonde hair. Her hands are placed in a prayer position in front of her chest and she is pouting her lips. The woman on the right has a look of despair on her face and is holding a light blue hanky to her face.

Hatch, Match and Dispatch

South Australia
Births, Deaths, and Marriages... soprano-come-midwife Annie Slade and chanteuse-come-celebrant Fiona Talbot-Leigh go through it all - daily! Returning for the first time in *ahem* a decade, this harmonious duo will sing you through a cycle of milestones, a life time in the making.

"A well-rehearsed evening of great entertainment... plenty of humorous badinage, juxtaposed against some serious and soul-searching revelations. They dig into their own lives in a no holds barred expose of both their good and bad moments, from the joys of having children, to the failed relationships. There are a good few poignant moments but also masses of hilarity and some great songs in this captivating show." Glam Adelaide

Written and Performed by Fiona Talbot-Leigh and Annie Slade
Accompanied by Grant Hutchesson
Produced by Joanne Hartstone/Hartstone-Kitney Productions

Presented by: BrendaLiz Productions and Hartstone-Kitney Productions

Annie Slade is a Midwife, Mother and Opera Singer. Fiona Talbot-Leigh is a Civil Marriage Celebrant, Funeral Director and Cabaret Star. They have been friends for a thousand years (or since high school anyway...)

Hartstone-Kitney Productions is the collaborative work of prolific international theatre-practitioners: Joanne Hartstone and Tom Kitney. HKP is a multi-award winning production house, specialising in Theatre, Magic, Cabaret, and immersive/site-specific events.