Grumpy Pants

• Circus
All the way from Spain, 'Grumpy Pants' is a hilarious show for the whole family. Mr Vita will delight audiences of all ages with his perfectly crafted juggling routines, physical comedy and fork throwing! 'Grumpy Pants' invites the audience into an eccentric and intimate world where everyday objects are brought to life in non-traditional juggling routines. The fourth wall is broken from beginning to end; the audience being part of the show from the moment they enter. A show where language is no barrier as the performer expertly communicates through his expressive rubber skin and sounds.

"His generous and warmhearted clowning doesn't falter for a minute... Mr Vita is a consummate professional and charismatic performer who can entertain the whole family." The Circus Diaries

Presented by: Kiki Vita

Kiki has performed in over 25 countries including Kosovo, Kuwait and Fiji, appearing at events such as Adelaide Fringe, Canadian National Exhibition and Glastonbury Festival. An accomplished traditional juggler with an unique style that is dedicated to a more contemporary form of object manipulation - bringing everyday objects to life and incorporating them in his juggling routines. A proud self proclaimed 'professional stupid', he is dedicated to exploring the stupidness in everything and the everyday.